About Us

  • Where children enjoy learning and are active participants in the teaching-learning process.

  • Where curriculum is designed to meet the individual child's needs and interest.

  • Where cooperation and and a sense of community are developed.

  • Develops self-direction, self-control, self-discipline, and problem solving skills in each student. Provides Montessori training to all support staff.

  • Provides Montessori instruction in multi-age, multi-grade classrooms that allow younger children to benefit from older children who are good role models.

  • Uses an approved Montessori curriculum and Montessori materials that promote active learning.

  • Fits the curriculum to the child, rather than the child to the curriculum.

  • Provides a carefully prepared learning environment in fully equipped Montessori classrooms at each level placing the focus on the child.

The official seal of the school is a world carried by three children. The seal reflects Maria Montessori's belief that teaching the child love, peace and harmony is one good step towards unity of mankind. Through "education for peace", the world becomes a better, harmonious and safer place to live in.