Montessori Curriculum

Oneworld Montessori House recognizes each child's unique personality and individual interests. It respects the natural tendencies of the child and caters to the needs of each child. It is a place where children are allowed to explore, move and choose their own materials and activities that interest them to fulfill their developmental needs.

It implements a highly hands-on experience approach to learning with a variety of didactic materials in all curricular areas. Children are guided by the teachers in absorbing facts along with skill mastery. Lessons are introduced in the simplest manner considering the child's age and interest.

The mix-age grouping in the classroom considers each child's unique sensitivities and capacities. The child learns at his own pace in a non-competitive atmosphere. This grouping stimulates interest and encourages cooperation among the students. The younger child learns by observing the older child. In turn, the older child develops leadership skills and a sense of responsibility towards the younger ones. The older child also gains mastery by teaching concepts he has previously learned to the younger child.

Oneworld Montessori School implements early childhood education program from 18 months old to 12 years old. Expanding the educational program to Grade 12 is being studied by the school administration.