Foreign Languages

In line with the school’s goal to develop the whole child, elementary students are required to learn another language. Students will understand and appreciate the customs, values and cultures of people from other countries when studying another language. While learning another language is fun, it also gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Oneworld Montessori House initially introduced the French Language when it implemented its foreign language program. At present, students are required to choose either Chinese Mandarin or Spanish. Both are spoken in many countries and will be useful to them in the future as they expand their horizons.

Research studies on the bilingual brain have revealed that learning a second language "can produce a nimbler mind". Children are observed to be more flexible and more resourceful when they learn a second language. Many language-immersion specialists opined that "multilingualism is a lifetime skill" and should preferably be started early in life. Recent studies have likewise shown that bilingual people "are better at reasoning and at multi-tasking….. they work faster and expend less energy."